Round The Corner Brownie Company
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RTC Brownie Company

Hi, I’m Dawn Lepere and I am the owner and baker here at Round The Corner Brownie Company. This is where gourmet brownies and blondies are lovingly created in my residential kitchen located in Amherst, Massachusetts.

The desire to spend my time doing something that I enjoy is what inspired me to launch Round The Corner Brownie Company. Many months were spent developing my recipes and obsessing over taste and texture. I love both the edge of a brownie and the soft chewy center of a brownie and thus my creations are round, inspiring the nick-name roundies. 

Because I am working from my own kitchen at this time, I am only permitted to sell my roundies in Massachusetts. But I have always been an optimist and I look forward to what opportunities future developments may bring! So in the meantime, look for the Round The Corner Brownie Company booth at Massachusetts fairs and markets, or let me know what treats I can bake for your family or event!

Premium Chocolate

Creating RTC Brownie Company’s signature Chocolate Brownie was serious business.  I wanted a richness that you can only get by combining chocolate with more chocolate and finishing it off with…even more chocolate. Also try the Chocolate Raspberry Brownie and the Mocha White Chocolate Brownie if you are comfortable with shameless self indulgence.

What's a Blondie?

Unlike a brownie’s chocolate batter, a blondie has a cookie-type batter that is, well, blonde. They are slightly firmer than the brownies but still crispy on the edges and chewy in the middle.  They are undeniably delicious! Whether you choose the White Chocolate Toasted Pecan, the Butterscotch or the Peanut Butter (or all 3), my blondie creations are an experience you don’t want to miss!

Gluten Free Selection

For those of you who desire gluten free options without giving up flavor and texture, I have 3 outstanding selections.  My flour-less chocolate brownie is smoother than the regular brownie and has a distilled chocolate intensity. My GF White Chocolate Blondies and GF Peanut Butter Blondies are so yummy that even those with no gluten sensitivity may find themselves craving the slightly chewier texture.